Honestly I feel great, I can breathe at night. Before I used to snore and I had to breathe out of my mouth. My wife said I don’t snore anymore. The balloon has helped me breathe better and I feel good. I’d recommend Dr. Nalbone to anybody.
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Elmer Nerbonne
Great office!! I saw Dr. Nailbone for a balloon synoplasty and after years of not being able to smell or breath properly, I now can. The staff was friendly and Dr. Nailbone was patient and addressed all of my concerns. If you are looking for a great ENT doctor in Vegas, look no further!

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Matt Petro
DRAMATIC change after I have the Balloon Sinuplasty done with Dr. Nalbone. I never imagine I could breath this good in my whole life. The procedure gave me zero pain and if I’d have to go through it again I would. It was super easy, the recovery was absolutely quick (24 hours). I am truly amazed with my results. Highly recommend Dr. Nalbone the experience was fantastic!!!

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Yully Molina

Amazing staff and the new procedure they do on the nose is great. My breathing has improved drastically!!! Definitely recommend Dr. Nalbone!!
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Joe Siano
WOW this is a great Doctor with a great staff. Couldn’t be more efficient. Appointments are taken right on time. Had the balloon dilation procedure done and am breathing and sleeping much better, and my sinus infection is cleared up. No pain with a lot of gain. If I could I would give Dr. Nalbone, his staff and the procedure 6 STARS!

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Spent too many years dealing with recurring sinus infections and congestion. Also, snored so bad sleep was disrupted. Had balloon dilation at Vegas ENT by Dr. Nalbone and now i can breathe so clear, snoring almost completely eliminated. Procedure was painless and a quick in office visit. Had on Friday and was enjoying Golden Knights game Monday. Very Highly Recommend.

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Jason Lee

Great experience with everyone there. The reception is warming and you don’t have to wait long in the waiting room. The waiting room is comfortable for the few minutes you are awaiting your turn.

When you go back to your room you are greeted my a great staff. The staff is attentive and knowledgeable. You are treated well by everyone there. You feel comfortable and can ask questions openly.

Dr. Nalbone has great bedside manner and takes time while he is with you. A lot of doctors make you feel rushed and you end up not feeling like you weren’t properly educated on your symptoms, condition(s), options, procedure (if necessary) or future wellbeing.

I’ve had sinus issues for years. After my Sinuplasty, I can breath again. No sinus headaches or fatigue. It makes a huge difference!

Overall, this was a very present experience and would highly recommend Dr Nalbone and his team to anyone!
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Tee Finch

my name is james Brewster dr. nalbone did sinus surgery on me and now I am able too breath and sleep at nite with out coughing .the procedure was done without pain in his office .great experience went home the same day. I highly recommend this procedure if done by dr. nalbone
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Valerie Brewster

I went to Dr. Nalbone for bad sinuses. He talked with me, they did a CAT scan and showed me how bad my sinuses were. There was no air in my sinuses. He did the balloon and I couldn’t remember anything thanks to Valium. When I came off the meds, I smelled coffee for the first time in twenty years. I was in tears. My wife was in tears. I’m still floored by how easy it was and how well I got. I now smell the bad smells too. Oh well.
The office staff, especially Jenny and Murdock were great, helped my nervous condition and eased my anxiety through it. Dr. Nalbone was great too, great job. Any one I know with anything to do with the nose I’m referring to this office. Still cant believe how much better life is.

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Harold Berkowitz

Dr Nalbone is amazing he and his staff are simply efficient, nice, and very thorough. My son had a theraglocal cyst (spelt it wrong im sure) on his neck we noticed it and he was recommend to dr nalbone for evaluation from start to finish dr nalbone has been caring and understanding of my fears. Last year in Sept my son went in for surgery on the cyst. He healed so fast and you can’t even tell he had the surgery. I was in aw with how well the surgery went and the whole recovery and post OP went. I highly recommend dr nalbone and his staff 5 stars from the Parry clan..
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Sara Parry