Patient Resources

How-To Videos

After the procedure, the patients are in their caregiver’s care. The following videos are intended to provide instructional information to assist the caregiver with their care.

Each patient is discharged with cotton balls in their nostrils and have gauze over their nose. The patient’s caregiver has been briefed about the patient’s care and has been given a post-op bag that has extra gauze, extra cotton balls, surgical tape, day after procedure instructions, nasal irrigation instructions, and caregiver instructions.

Stop Nosebleeds - How to

How To Stop Nosebleeds

If the patient’s nose is bleeding excessively, here’s a how to video to stop nose bleeds with a clot.

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Preparing Gauze - Hot-to

How to Prepare Gauze

How to prepare gauze: If the patient’s gauze becomes saturated with blood, here is a video on how to prepare a fresh gauze with surgical tape and how to place it over the patient’s nose.

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Preparing cotton Balls - How to

How to prepare fresh cotton balls

If the patient’s cotton balls become saturated with blood, here’s how to prepare fresh ones.

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Balloon Sinuplasty Packet

This packet has helpful information such as steps for the procedure, instructions for day before, day of, and day after your procedure, caregiver instructions, and frequently asked questions.

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